ICOMM is a full service Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company providing a broad range of BPO solutions supported by our multilingual culture, Our work friendly eviroment promotes personal and professional growth keeping our employees engaged and motivated, maintaining a positive edge which is reflected in every interaction Whatever is the nature of your business we offer workable and customizable services that will allow you to focus on your core scope while your customers are being pampered.

Contact Us

  • Phone : (+30) 211-1019600
  • Email : info@icommcallcenter.com
  • Web: www.icommcallcenter.com

Our ultimate goal is to deliver the very best in customer experience and first-time query resolution! 

As a high-performance team, ICOMM brings cost-effective, quality solutions backed by leading edge technology and human engagements

Innovation and automation always improving, these are our entrenched philosophies!

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Our Team

Operations Director

Helen Chatzigianni has 20 years of experience in Operations. Her expertise mainly focuses on
sales outbound and inbound support and operational set-up. She also has extended know-
how in administrative processing.

HR Director

Anna Sarantaki has been extensively engaged for 10 years in Operations followed by another
5 in Human Resources. She excels into managing large teams on both parts of her career,
while she is also a training expert. 

Customer Service Director

Petros Nikolaou is a seasoned professional in Customer Operations in Telecommunications
with high knowledge and skills in retention strategies, Forecasting, Business Planning, CRM
and People Management

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